Dub Nutrition and Jeremy Wardle

When 32 year-old Jeremy Wardle was rushed to the emergency room for his third visit with unexplained chest pain, he sincerely believed that he was about to die. A family man with a beloved wife and 5 adorable children, his most desperate wish was to remain alive and healthy to care for his family.

Days later, a newcomer at a local gym introduced himself to Jeremy and learned of his dilemma.This man offered to become Jeremy’s workout partner. He also began to share his personal belief in good eating habits, appropriate exercise, and intelligent supplementation. Jeremy had considered himself a fair athlete for years, and believed in working out. He was quite strong, but his eating habits were abysmal and he was very overweight. He also knew nothing about proper supplementation. Fortunately for Jeremy and his family, he was frightened enough to pay attention, so he did exactly as his new friend recommended.

Shortly after Wardle immersed himself in this new lifestyle shift, he began to feel better. Over the next 18 months, he replaced 100 lbs of fat with lean muscle and won several body building competitions. More importantly to him, he felt healthier and stronger than he had in years. His doctors were amazed at his transformation, and gave him a clean bill of health.

Jeremy felt that he had experienced a resurrection of sorts. And he was determined to share with others what he had learned. Having already experienced significant business success, he assembled a team of scientists, doctors, nutritional experts, and supplement manufacturers to advise him. This combined effort gave birth to dub Nutrition, a company dedicated to the principles of: 1) Good eating habits, 2) Proper exercise, and 3) Intelligent supplementation of our foods.

Jeremy had learned that no matter how hard one tries to “eat healthy,” our fruits and vegetables today do not contain the vitamins and nutrients that they did years ago. Why? Because our soils have become depleted of these ingredients. Our meats and fish not only lack essential nutrients, but are often contaminated with pesticides and hormones, or contain highly toxic metals such as lead and mercury. In order for the cells of our bodies to survive daily external assaults, we must supplement our foods to provide the building blocks essential for cellular repair and healing.

Today’s message of Wellness is that rather than rushing to a doctor for treatment after some disabling disease develops, we can avoid many chronic illnesses by following the formula that dub Nutrition espouses. Their specialized selection of supplements makes their program easy to follow.

Jeremy Wardle turned a very negative personal situation into a positive benefit for others.

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